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Public Protest and Dissent Are American

We protested because we must. We dissent through public protest. Allies give voices to the struggles triggered by a political administration that crush the rights of minorities, the poor, and people of color. People are coming together to protest election fraud and the power struggle of one branch of the government attempting to control the two others. The people are protesting a political transition and events exposing the abuse of power by authority and the passing of laws and regulations that limit citizens’ rights and discriminate against certain groups. Protests are also occurring because of the lack of social justice and the level of discrimination.

Despite the diversity of political identities and associated protest groups available to activists, current social movements have side-stepped their ideological divides which have created inter-organizational relationships. Patriotism means to stand by the rights given by the Constitution. It does not mean to stand by the president, only to the degree in which he or she stands by the Constitution. He cannot make it up as he goes along.

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