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America's Identity Politics Can Go From Division to Inclusion

People take about identity politics. When you think of Muslims, many identify the political orphanhood of Muslims. Bigotry has the Muslim ­community at its center—a natural ­consequence of 9/11. ­History has left us vulnerable. Still, we are part of the problem.

American Muslims should not stand back and ­embrace this country as their own. They must address their political rights and find their voice. When your child comes and looks up at you and stares, you say, “What do you want?’ We are not children. We are part of this nation’s collective and have established our lives here. Where are our pages in American history? Those who practice Islam cannot be made to fear living here now. We need to come together and pledge that this country is ours. We are meant to be here and without our voice, the fundamental decisions of this country’s destiny will remain incomplete.

If Congress does not have enough representation that are Muslims, then more Muslims

must run for Congress, the Senate, and one day a Muslim will be president.

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