IMPACT:   Amina’s family was separated by the war in Syria. Her father was arrested by Syrian intelligence and never returned home.  Her mother sent Amna and her sisters into exile alone out of fear for their safety.

She brakes down in tears when she thinks of her mother - with who she has no contact now: “It was so scared,” she said. “We were suddenly all alone and I found myself responsible for my younger sister who has been handicapped since birth.” Amina is only sixteen. MASIJC was able to unite Amna and her sister with an aunt and uncle living in the Pennsylvania. Both young girls were approved for the humanitarian visas filed on their behalf.

More than 130,000 people have been killed since the conflict began and 2.5 million people, including an estimated one million children, have been forced to flee the country. An additional 5 million people are internally displaced in Syria.

Most of these refugees have fled to camps in the neighboring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey.

*Name has been changed to protect client's privacy.


IMPACT: Samir and his family are Palestinian and were already refugees in Syria. All his life was spent in Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus. Much of the camp had been destroyed by shelling, and attempts to deliver aid to those inside had been hampered by continued fighting. 

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