E-Consultation offers you the convenience and advantages of receiving legal advice and assistance from an immigration counselor certified in immigration matters. You have the advantage of speaking to an advisor directly from wherever you are. Several problems can be easily remedied with information obtained through a telephone consultation.


Attorney consultation fees typically begin at $250 for thirty minutes, regardless of what kind of information an applicant is seeking. Legal advice can cause a financial hardship for families that cannot afford exorbitant fees.  MASIJC offers a reasonable alternative that allows you the answers you seek without adding to existing financial burdens.

All you have to do is email MASIJC your contact information and arrange to discuss your problem when you are available to speak with one of our counselors. A staff member will contact you and arrange for your consultation once your payment has been paid on our website. Pay-pal is easily accessible or you may submit your credit card information.

E-Consultation fees are $90 for a half of an hour. Follow-up information relating to the original consultation will be emailed to the client at no additional charge.

We recommend E-Consult for advice on simple and straightforward questions on immigration status, application support, asylum and visa matters.

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